Intimate meetups with the goal to create a conscious coffee community with a unified vision and drive to make a difference. Meaningfully connect with people over a shared activity, have positive discussions on the future of coffee and beyond, and find ways to collectively solve the problems that the industry faces.

Home Brewing (3.5 hours)

This is for beginners and coffee enthusiasts alike. Whether you want to perfect your favourite brewing method or simply experiment with new, fun ways of making a cuppa, our workshops provide a warm, collaborative space for you to dip your toes into the world of specialty coffee.

We believe that real communities are built over shared activities, so put away your phones, engage all 5 senses and discover how mindful and even meditative coffee brewing can be, and how rituals around such mindful activities can do wonders for your state of mind. Immerse yourself into a soulful Sunday morning.

We are presently based between Mysore (India) and London (UK) and run workshops in both places.

Man working in front of table with various coffee brewing equipment

What To Expect

These sessions are intimate with a maximum of 6 people. Kickstart the day with a discussion about specialty coffee, why it’s worth the hype and how to pick the right beans for you. Following this, we have a brief informational session on the prerequisites and basic equipment you will need to set up your brewing station at home, without having to put a serious hole in your pocket. Then onto the fun stuff — after a short demonstration using our house recipes, you get to try your hand at two different brewing methods. Your package includes 175g of specialty coffee beans so there’s more than enough to really put your creativity to test!

Our workshops typically include two of the following: the V60 pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot and as a special surprise, the South Indian filter seen in a completely different light to its traditional use.

Upcoming Sessions

Mysore Chapter (₹2,500 per session | 6 slots only)

Jan 12th – AeroPress & V60 (Completed)

Jan 26th – V60 & French Press (Completed)

Feb 9th – AeroPress & V60 (Completed)

Feb 23rd – Brewers TBD

London Chapter

Check back soon. Coming, spring 2020!

Book Now

We currently offer two booking methods:

Direct message on WhatsApp +91 98867 69864


Still have more questions? Drop us a line on brew@aramse.coffee — we’d love to stay in touch!