SOFI 72 | 2 CUP (Discontinued)


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If you’re in North America then you can now order SOFI from KAVERI COFFEE.

If you’re in Europe you can order from THE GOD SHOT.


We’d like to introduce SOFI 72 — aramse’s v1.0 take on the classic South Indian filter, an unassuming stainless steel brewer that’s been around for decades (maybe even centuries). Why 72? And why is it important? We want to standardise sizes as SOFI takes on the next wave of coffee. This narrowing down and redefining size helps with easy communication of recipes between people, no matter where you are. The 72mm diameter is capable of brewing a recommended dose of between 15-25g of coffee, enough to make upto 2 cups. Simply dilute the brewed concentrate (or slow espresso as we like to call it) with water, or add milk to enjoy your cuppa.

Made with food-grade stainless steel (304), each brewer has been carefully sourced with stringent QC to ensure consistent quality across all pieces. We conducted extensive brew tests to find a manufacturing partner capable of meeting our spec requirements.

The matte finish makes this an understated and elegant piece for your kitchen counter. The words ‘brew ārāmse’ on the side are not just branding — they are a reminder. To slow down and enjoy the wonderful process of brewing coffee.

This kit comes with 2 very useful accessories, another attempt to bring SOFI into the modern world of coffee brewing — first, an excellent, 9-prong WDT tool designed by the talented jkim_makes that will help you distribute the grounds evenly before brewing, and second, a silicone band to make handling the hot brewer a whole lot easier.

*Please note that we DO NOT include the "tamper" that typically ship with other versions of this brewer. Our science-backed research shows that this non-essential accessory disturbs the coffee bed and causes uneven extractions.

What's In The Box?

SOFI 72 | 2 CUP Brewer x 1
9-Prong WDT Tool x 1
0.25mm Needle x 10
Silicone Band x 1
User Manual x 1

It’s been a long while coming. And here’s to making it worth the wait!