India's Best Coffee Subscription

Welcome to the ultimate coffee experience with India's best coffee subscription service! Discover a delightful selection of the country's finest coffees delivered right to your doorstep, all according to your preferred schedule. Our subscription is designed to cater to beginners, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable coffee journey from the moment you sign up.

Unlike other subscriptions, we pride ourselves on transparency. With no hidden fees, you pay exactly the same price as on the roasters' websites. No surprises, no extra costs—just pure, high-quality coffee. We believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to delivering exceptional coffee to our valued customers.

Say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly placing orders. Our fully automatic payment system ensures a convenient experience, granting you an endless supply of coffees you'll absolutely love. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest. With our subscription, you can indulge in your favorite coffees without ever lifting a finger.

Every coffee we offer is carefully selected by certified coffee professionals. We understand that great coffee starts with the finest beans, sourced from renowned coffee producers across India. Our team meticulously handpicks each coffee, ensuring that only the best make it into your subscription box. Experience the rich flavors, exquisite aromas, and distinct profiles of our curated coffees.

Join our coffee community today and unlock a world of exceptional brews. Elevate your mornings, rejuvenate your afternoons, and unwind with a cup of perfection in the evenings. Let us be your trusted companion in the pursuit of coffee excellence.

Subscribe now to India's best coffee subscription service and embark on an unforgettable coffee adventure, right from the comfort of your own home. Cheers to great coffee! And the best part? You can cancel, pause and resume your subscription at any time, ensuring flexibility that suits your schedule. Additionally, you can change any of your preferences on-the-fly, adapting to your evolving taste preferences and coffee cravings. Experience the ultimate convenience and customization in your coffee journey with us.


Only if you want! We're a flexible subscription that lets you pick your frequency of bi-weekly or monthly deliveries. And you can choose the number of bags you want per order too.


Our variable pricing ensures you only get charged for the bags we ship you. We price match to the roaster's MRP and add no hidden fees! Usually, coffees range from Rs. 500 - 1100. Schmancy coffees, if you picked that option, push the upper limit to Rs. 950.


Absolutely. Just head to Account Preferences > Subscriptions and click on the 'Pause' button.

PS: We work hard with roasters to deliver you the best and freshest product, so please note that any queued orders prior to pausing will be shipped on schedule.


We want to make your life simple — you pick your 'Flavour Preference' at the time of subscription and we curate. Once subscribed we highly recommend you fill up 'Palate Preferences' in your account settings for a more tailored experience.
  • Minimum variance in hole size within the capabilities of the manual punch process.
  • Similar coverage of the holes on the filter across units. This is proved to be the most important factor in getting similar brew results from one unit to the next.
  • That all brewers have a 72.5mm filter.

Because SOFI brews at atmospheric pressure, it is a lot more forgiving than something like espresso. Our extensive testing has shown that long as the brewers have the same filter size, approximately the same number of holes that are well spaced and distributed evenly, and made from the same material, you can consistently replicate recipes across units!

This is precisely why we've built 'My Coffee Journey' into your account. It's a list of every coffee we've sent you along with feedback options. Use the buttons to tell us if you loved, liked or disliked a coffee and even add notes. This information coupled with our expertise will ensure that you consistently receive coffee that you love.


Occasionally, roasters experiment with imported beans, or those that are innovatively processed, and limited edition micro lots and nano lots, and if you're someone who loves to push the boundaries a little, we want to give you the option to try these. However, these are generally higher in price, pushing the upper limit of the price/bag to Rs. 950, and tend to be of limited stock.
Due to the nature of these coffees, they are released by roasters on an ad-hoc basis and also tend to be limited in stock. Therefore, we don't commit to a frequency of sending these bags out to you, but keep a look out for that fun surprise — we promise it'll be worth it!
Shipping is free for all orders above Rs. 500 within India. We charge a flat fee of Rs. 50 on orders below Rs. 500
Not just yet — stay tuned.
Your payment information is directly and securely transmitted to RazorPay via our integration. We do not store and collect your information. You can find further details in ourTerms and ConditionsandPrivacy Policy.We also do not sell your information to any third party providers or advertisers.
We will occasionally send you an email via our newsletter — always coffee related, never spam.
This is a way to prepay for your subscription without having to set up direct debit or entering any bank details. Once you have topped up your account, your subscription will be activated. With each coffee order, the cost of that bag(s) of coffee is debited from your total prepaid amount. As always, you only get charged what the roaster charges for each bag of coffee. We do not take any additional payment for our service, therefore making it a variable-pay subscription.


You can top up any amount you choose, though we require you to maintain a minimum balance of ₹800 to continue receiving coffees uninterrupted. This is because a 250g bag of coffee typically costs between ₹500 - 1100. Once your balance falls below ₹600, your subscription will be paused and you will receive an email reminder to top up your account.
Please note that we book orders 5 DAY PRIOR to the next cycle date to ensure timely delivery, so be sure to top up your account before this or your order may be skipped.

The short answer is yes! The prepaid amount is treated as an advance, so you can email us and request to have this amount refunded at any time. Once we receive such a request, we will pause your subscription immediately and issue a refund within 5 - 7 working days.


If your account has prepaid balance, this will be used up first before reverting to card or e-mandate.